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At dinner on the “Trabocchi”, a beautiful experience that you can only live on Terre dei Trabocchi, in Abruzzo region, in the south of Italy. Between the villages of Vasto and San Vito Chietino, in fact, some old wooden structures, used in the past to go fishing,  have been renovated and used as restaurants.

Hanging over the sea, under a sky of stars and surrounded by beautiful scenery, you can taste the specialties of seafood, in a friendly environment where courtesy and ‘intimacy’ are the ingredients that gives ‘flavour’ to dinner.

Here are 9 places where you can live this beautiful experience.



The trabocco “Eredi di Trimalcione” was born because of an initiative of a cultural association to enhance the flavors of food and wine of Vasto.  The structure is near  the port of Vasto and near the beach of Punta Penna . The idea is due to Mario Tenaglia, eclectic person of Abruzzo, which usually entertain guests with anecdotes, stories and his famous poems.




In one of the most beautiful patchs on the Adriatic coast, in Vasto, there is the trabocco Cungarelle, where you can taste specialties of Vasto and fresh local seafood in a unique atmosphere, surrounded by the sea. Completely renovated, while maintaining all the characteristics of a time, a few months ago has been transformed into restaurant and has already won recognition on the Gambero Rosso guide in the “foodies beach” – The Abruzzo Coast.  The structure  is also available to those who want to take part in guided tours that regularly organizes staff.




From a historical photograph of 1923 you can ensure that the trabocco Pesce Palombo already existed. Owned by Orlando Verí , it was later inherited by his son Ernesto Verí,  which kept him active until 1979 when it was destroyed from a sea storm. For about 20 years Ernesto Verí tried to rebuild it. Every attempt was in vain until a law of the Region of Abruzzo in 1999. The work of restyling interested the children of Ernesto Verí, Franco and Bruno and finally in 2001 the works were completed. Some years later, the trabocco was turned into a restaurant.




If during the day is nice, the trabocco at night is magical. The century-old wooden offers, in the evening, a suggestion even bigger. The atmosphere on the platform of the structure is lovely and charming is the flavor of the cuisine of Abruzzo. The wooden structures, once used by fishermen, today are well suited to tasting of local dishes. Themed evenings or meetings with friends are organized systematically by Carlo Romanelli, owner of the trabocco in the village of Fossacesia.



Owned to a historic family of fishermen, the trabocco Punta Cavalluccio for years has been a place of fishing and work for Masino Verí, who then give it to his son Orlandino. And since 2004 Orlandino and his wife Pina opened their trabocco with wine tastings and dinners. Today they work with passion and skill with his sons Thomas and Laura. While Orlandino continues to go fishing with his small boat, Pina takes care of the kitchen. Since a few weeks is heated with artificial fireplaces, so you can have dinner until the end of October, in a warm and comfortable environment.




The restaurant “Sasso della Cajana” takes its name from a rock not far from the structure that gives rest to the seagulls (called Cajana). The structure is available to anyone who wants to visit, crossing the long walkway that runs from the coast to the restaurant more than 80 meters. The sea and tranquility will be the protagonists of a day spent at the trabocco Sasso della Cajana, tasting the typical products of our land and our sea. The kitchen is exclusively family, genuine products, high quality and fresh.




Already since 1980, Mauro tried to conciliate his work at the State Railways with fishing on trabocchi; until he knew Tonino  Verí, that with his experience led him to the work of “lu trabbuccant.” After a short time his ambition led him to make strides to see realize his biggest dream: to build a trabocco. There are many structure that has built or renovated completely: trabocco Turchino, trabocco Punta Punciosa, trabocco The Cuncarella , trabocco del Saraceno. The trabocco Punta Isolata, however, has become restaurant with authentic dishes of local maritime tradition served with simple but rich in taste.http://www.traboccopuntaisolata.com



The trabocco of Punta Tufano was, and remains, one of the ‘pillars’ of the historic family of Verí.  Experience after experience, job after job, with theme was born and consolidated a structure to fish: the trabocco. And they were responsible for the transformation of the trabocco from fishing machine in open-air restaurant.




The history of trabocco Valle Grotte  was born from a dream: the desire of mister Peppe to regain the experience of go fishing. Peppe, with the help of his family, devoted himself to the revival of a “balance of the sea” with the same obstinacy of those people who lived generations ago. From there, the idea of building a restaurant where Peppe and family cook for their customers the most delicious dishes of Abruzzo fishing.


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